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Welcome to Freeman Family Practice (FFP) our passion is keeping you happy, healthy and disease free. FFP is a family centered medical practice for adults and children. It is our desire to provide you with research proven treatments using traditional medical and holistic approaches. We spend time with you one on one to develop the right treatment plan to get you well.

FFP is a Certified Rural Health Clinic located on 25 E in Gray, Kentucky. We offer community based primary care in rural Southeast, Kentucky. It is our privilege to be involved in your care and your medical information is protected and remains confidential. You will find that our staff are caring professionals and it is our hope you feel at ease with us. Patients are not rushed or hurried during the visit and are given all the time needed to discuss all of their health concerns.

We actively treat all illnesses ranging from sore throat, fibromyalgia, women’s health, digestive problems, thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, to depression. We try to find the reason for your problem and not just treat symptoms. We also test and treat vitamin deficiencies and hormones so the body can repair itself.

Our Mission
We are committed to improving the health of the people in our community by offering disease prevention healthcare along with education, counseling, diagnosis and treatment of any psychological and physiological health problems.

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